"Leftbank is a rarity amongst small venues in the quality and diversity of live music it offers on a weekly basis. The very best of the city's talents are to be found there representing a wide range of genres from acoustic performances to funk, reggae, jazz, blues, folk and beyond. It's a fantastic place both to play and to enjoy a drink, with many of Bristol's musical stalwarts choosing it as their preferred late night social.

          The management are true supporters of the artists they put on and it is refreshing to work, rest or play in such a great atmosphere and be properly appreciated and rewarded for your performance." - Jules Landau (Zen Hussies)

'A five star venue with a fantastic feeling that treats its performers greatly'

Michel Padron (Saocco Collective)

"LeftBank Open Mic Night is a vital launchpad for some of Bristol's most talented musicians" - Harry Wiles (CEO Headfirst)